A Simple Thank-You May Make the Difference: The Importance of Follow-up

The first question a career or job coach will ask their client after their job interview is “Did you send your thank-you letter yet? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. Most people don’t realize that it is necessary to thank the employer for the interview. A simple “thank-you” can make the difference for you in the interview process. Think about this for a minute. Who doesn’t like to be thanked? Everyone likes to feel appreciated. When you send your thank-you letter (which can also be sent in the form of an email or hand-written on professional stationary), you are showing the employer that you appreciate the time they have taken to meet with you and consider you for employment with their company. Not only that, but that you are a courteous and professional person. The first impression is very important; however, the last impression you make is equally as important. You are making a very positive last impression by sending the employer a simple thank-you.

If you plan to thank the employer in the form of a letter, remember to use the same style resume paper you used for your resume and cover letter. The letter should be typed using size 12 font in Times New Roman or Arial. In most cases, the thank you letter is composed using three paragraphs, similar to the Cover Letter. Consider using the same format for the heading of your resume and cover letter on your thank-you letter too. Lastly, don’t forget to sign your letter!

If you plan to hand-write your thank-you, be sure to use professional stationary and that your penmanship is also professional; in other words, clear and easy to read. If you have the interviewer’s email address, it is acceptable to send your thank-you letter electronically. You may choose to type your thank-you “note” in the message box of your email or attach your letter in a separate document.

Finally, be sure that you send a thank-you letter to everyone who interviewed you. This is another reason it is important to ask for business cards before you leave the interview.