Should I Work Part-Time Or Full-Time?

Part-Time Work: The Gap Filler.

When you seem to have been searching for your ideal job for a long time and your bank balance is diminishing every day more, part time work may be just the perfect thing for you. It can help to “tide you over” until you reach the full-time position you are looking for.

You will still be guaranteed a salary and so can plan financially and be sure that you will not go hungry. But at the same time you will have plenty of free time to keep up the work hunting for your ideal full time position. What’s more, it is a proven fact that people already in active employment find it easier to break into other jobs.

The downside of part-time employment is that salaries are less than a full time position. However, one way you may wish to supplement this is by taking on a job in sales. Such jobs often come with commissions per sale, and thus the books can often be balanced out.

Full-Time Work: Your Dream Job or an Obligation?

Those who breakthrough and find their ideal job are in a very good position. They love their job and they’re happy working fulltime hours, even if they are slightly longer hours. To work in what we are truly passionate about is the biggest gift of all.

However, if there is no real ideal job out there for you, or at least that’s what it seems at the moment, then you may wish to put more emphasis on your ideal life. Does your ideal life involve working fulltime hours and sacrificing the majority of your free time? Few people would agree to this, so it’s important to find what is right for you.

If working fulltime hours is an obligation due to the salary, then you may wish to think how you could:

  • Find a part time post in the same field, but with higher pay
  • Combine part time work with some freelance jobs
  • Use your current situation to create some passive streams of income

Perhaps working fewer hours will free up some creative time for you. It is in these moments of creative thought that our biggest passions are able to surface. And let’s face it: working in something that we are passionate about can only be a win-win situation!